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Ching Ching Cheng

Visual Artist

My name is Ching Ching Cheng. I came to the United States six years ago from Taiwan. I love to draw and paint, and I also work digitally and traditionally as well as three dimensionally. I like to experiment with different techniques and mediums. Most of my work is mixed media using ink, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. I love to express my feelings through painting. I like to challenge myself through drawing, solving problems and difficult ideas. My work is symbolic and conceptual. I am constantly trying to replace the figures in my paintings with images that represent the idea of the figure, an object or an animal that takes on the persona of what the figure represents. The subject matter that influences and inspires my work the most comes from psychology and nature. The ways people deal with situations are very different from one another, and I find this very special and interesting. I always put myself in the situation to make the subject matter more personal to me. Because of this, most of my work takes on my personal voice and expresses my emotions. The color of my work is very subtle and quiet.


Epilogue Presents: Ching Ching Cheng

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