Three Legged Legs is a design studio located in Santa Monica, CA.

Epilogue: What's the Three Legged Legs story? How did you guys come to be?
Reza Rasoli: Three Legged Legs was originally spawned in 2005 while the three of us were attending Otis College of Art + Design. We made a few shorts together and branded them with the name Three Legged Legs. We put our shit up on a website and passed it around to friends, all in the name of fun.

One day, during the final sleepless stretch of our senior year, Darren at Green Dot Films called us and offered up his entire sneaker collection in exchange for representing us as a directing team. We held up our end of the deal... still waitin' on those sneaks though. But yeah, we're like a family that makes awesome things together now – we even fart in front of each other.

Can you explain exactly what it is your studio does?
I think directing team best sums up what we do. Most of the time we function as one giant brain, firing off ideas to one another. We come together to creatively orchestrate a project from start to finish. Conceptualizing and brainstorming is by far the most exciting part of the process, but then figuring out to how to actually make it happen is a creative challenge in of itself. Ideally, we like to storyboard, shoot, edit, animate and vfx everything. The more involved we can be in every step of the process the better and more rewarding.

You recently did the N.A.S.A video for "Gifted." How was that? How closely did you get to work with the artists?
Oh man, that shit was crazy. We were on an insane three week schedule to get that thing done. It was literally the three of us and 3 of our friends that we talked into going through hell to make it happen on time. It was super fun because we basically had complete creative freedom to do whatever the F we wanted. Geomorphic hallucinations? Naked constellation babes? Yes and YES.

That being said, making 3:30 of psychedelic HD animation look good in that short span of time is bananas. What started as slow and easy, snowballed into a holy-shit-i-have-to-sleep-at-the-studio-for-3-days-straight fuck fiesta. It left us all bruised and broken. BUT, we're all quite happy with the final piece. Jonathan Wells at FLUX was awesome enough to premiere it at The Hammer, so it was pretty bad ass to get everyone up there to watch it projected nice 'n huge. Well worth the blood, sweat and tears.

A lot of your work is commercial, do you prefer that to doing music videos?
True, most of our work is based in advertising. We haven't really done a whole lot of music videos so it's tough to say which we prefer. I think it's important to have balance in your work and we've been fortunate enough that nearly every project, commercial or not, has given us an opportunity to try something different, or employ a style or technique we've been trying to find an excuse to use. So long as everyone is trying to make something rad that we can all be proud of, we're interested.

Let it be known though... we're really itching to make a fucking solid metal video, you don't see enough those.

When you do a commercial, how much artistic freedom do you get?
It really varies. Sometimes you're given an open brief, which turns out one of two ways: mega rad, or complete disaster. Typically, we work alongside agency creatives to give their script a unique perspective and voice.  Sometimes clients have weird requests or limits on what they can legally show or say that occasionally make us go “ugh, fiiiiiiiiiine.” Again, we've been lucky enough to work with some smart and creative people who really believe in the idea and are great partners in getting shit done and making it the best it possibly can be. It's always a collaboration of creative vision that you hope will result in something kick ass that you all can share a piece of.

What do you guys have planned for this upcoming year? Working on any current projects right now?
There's a buttload of ideas and scripts for short films and/or music videos we've been tossing around for a while so I think before the year end we'll get to make something on our own. We're fucking terrible at scheduling ourselves, sometimes you need that pressure of a delivery date to get it done, otherwise you pixel fuck it to death. There's a few irons in the fire, we'll let you know when they're done cooking.

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