CVLTS is an experimental pop outfit based in Lawrence, KS.

How did CVLTS come to be?

Gaurav: Josh and I had entertained the idea of making music together for a while but hadn't been able to actualize it until June of this year. The recordings have been myself and Josh Thomas until now but we have recently added our friend Brian Shattuck. 

We talked a little, earlier, about your release plans. What's coming up?

We have a 7" split with Umberto coming out  on Collective Crowd Records, a split tape with Goodwillies on Solid Melts, and a solo tape on Hobo Cult Records; all coming soon.

The CVLTS music is really textured and interesting...are there any stylistic touchpoints, in particular, that you're drawing off of? What would those be?

Thanks Corban! If you asked each of us this question, we would surely all have different answers. We come from very diverse musical backgrounds and are influenced by so many things that it's difficult to pin one or two touchstones. Generally speaking, I feel like our approach to creating and using sound, noise, and texture is more like a sound designer than that of a musician. 

One for the 'heads. What kinds of equipment are you guys using? What's the creative process like? Who plays what, or what roles does each member fill out in CVLTS?

An old Yamaha keyboard that is essentially a wannabe synth, a guitar, a casio, tape loops, and choice pedals for everyone. That's about it. Sometimes when we record we use xylophones and other fun things we can get our hands on. The recording process involves lots of tracking and then meticulously sifting the audio for the sounds that appeal to us. I play the Yamaha, Josh handles the tape loops and plays guitar, and Brian plays a processed Casio. 

How did the thing with the French label happen? Did they get in touch? That's pretty amazing, considering the limited amount of stuff you have online.

We started communicating with Atelier Ciseaux after Remi from the label heard our first release on Amdiscs. We are big fans of his work as a curator and it made sense to do things with AC because he obviously cared about what we were doing and was supportive throughout the process.

Why the cassette release? Everyone has a different answer to this. Do you just think it's cool, or do you think it fits your aesthetic best?

Tapes are cheap and easy and can fit in your pocket.  Ultimately, tapes are great because they involve less logistics and money than records and CDs.

What's the music scene like in Lawrence/KC? Has the relative increase of viability in Kansas City had a harsh affect on Lawrence?

Honestly, we're out of touch with whatever scenes there are in Kansas City and Lawrence. Whatever the case might be, I don't think we've seen Lawrence malignantly affected by Kansas City. 

Year end time, son. What have you been jiving on this year? What's your favorite song/record/sound you've heard this year?

 Here are some jammers that have been making rotations:
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Skeletor and Me
Outer Limits Recordings - I Need My TV 7"

You say you're out of touch with the Lawrence/KC scene? Why is that? 

It's much more disjointed than I remember it being. That aside, people
don't  seem to have a propensity for music that is out of the norm.

Do you play live at all? What are those arrangements like? Do you have an ideal live setup?

Yes, we do play out. The live arrangement is straightforward. Our sets are a combination of our material and improvisation. No sequencers, backing tracks, or samplers. 

Can you see yourself doing a longer, more traditional LP? Or will it just be the tapes for a little while?

I'm sure we'll get there in due time. I would be surprised if we did not release an LP down the line.
We're not going to stay static forever.

Do you think your experience with other groups informs this project? How so?

Generally speaking, having experience helps. Josh and I have both played in other bands. 
We've learned how to not do things.

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