Kinga Offert is a young artist from Poland. She’s never been to Mexico. Therefore you better not ask why she has chosen the world of lucha libre as the subject of her thesis and molded several hundred figurines of Mexican wrestlers (luchadores).

In the beginning the figurines made of modelling clay were to appear only in the streets of Poznań, the artist’s home city. However, thanks to the wonder of the Internet and the commitment of fans of the project luchadores have set on their journey around the world. The website is regularly updated with new photos of those little warriors, sent in via email by people from all over the world. Creativity of the EL MAS SANTO project participants gives distinct life to each of the figurines. That was the artist’s intention; she did not want to impose her interpretation of the lucha libre world on anyone.

The project will be concluded with an exhibition to be held in Poznań this summer. The exhibition will feature graphics made by Kinga Offert and a book which complements and documents the whole enterprise (it is a fictitious biography of a Mexican wrestler – EL MAS SANTO, written by Maciej Dobosiewicz, a writer working together with Kinga Offert, illustrated with her works and the best photos provided by the project fans). A mixtape dedicated to the project is being prepared and there are plans for a luchadores club party. EL MAS SANTO gadgets will be soon available, as well.

If you want to know more or want to participate in the Kinga Offert’s project, write to It’s a contact box for all touched by the charm of the luchadores figurines.

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