Hannah Kristina Metz, artist, stylist, "Six Feet Under" fanatic, tell us a little bit about yourself.

It's not just "Six Feet Under" that I love, I also enjoy a good eye feasting of "Mad Men", "Skins", "Lost" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (which is more of an ear feast really). I'm a redhead which means I am more sensitive to pain which means I am less inclined to visit the doctor or dentist (as they usually are both happy to inflict pain) which means I have lived with a very sad and painful toe for the last year. Doesn't make sense does it? But there it is.

You have moved a lot in the last few years, how are you liking NYC? Has being here had an influence on your artwork and your sense of style?

New York is a million times more dreamy after living in the sprawling suburb that is Los Angeles. Living in LA temporarily destroyed my artistic abilities, I didn't want to draw, I wanted to eat cheeseburgers and listen to top 40 in the car. I'm still recovering from that time and am slowly reconnecting with my pen and paper, it's a painful but necessary time of growth. as for style? I'm too poor here to make any changes though I do feel a little more at ease wearing my vintage hat and coat collection.

You are a bit of an internet celebrity. Your own blog is a huge success, one of you and your husbands project, The Company of People is a beautiful project, and of course, Justin Timberlake loves your feet. What do you think of all that?

I think of Justin Timberlake every time I wash my feet. Which is frequently since my toe is infected. Thanks "refreshingly dirty" toe. The Internet has brought me much joy. It brought me Landon. Did you know that? Landon and I met on the Internet when blogging was not owned by 16-year-old fashionistas but also included 18-year-old Landons.

What are you currently working on?

I'm trying to take more pictures. I'm always trying to paint but my recent attempts have been discouraging and the canvas is now quite thick with layers of disappointed paint.

What inspires you lately?

Lately I've been dipping back into what inspired me as a child to draw (pre-Raphaelites, Renaissance, children's illustration), thinking that that might magically turn me into an awesome adult artist. Such is not the case, I usually get distracted by the artist's tumultuous love lives and start reading about them instead of drawing.

What did you do today?

I woke up and rolled over and am on the computer checking my email. Shortly after I will perform my toilet, eat breakfast and then who knows!

Any fashion tips for our readers? Or any other words of wisdom you'd like to pass on?

Be yourself, who gives a rat's arse about popular fashion. Fashion mistakes are a good thing, it gives our children awesome pictures to post of their cool parents on the internet.

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Hannah Kristina Metz Interview

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