Transcribed interviews between artist Kenneth Kegley and a psychic.

K   Hi, nice to meet you.
L   Nice to see you, come on in.
K   Alright.
L   I hope you’re not allergic to cats.
K   No, I love cats.
L   Are you hot or cold?
K   I’m ok. I’m fine.
L   I’m freezing! Don’t know what the deal is. Let me give you a piece of paper and pen. Umm, I’m gonna tell you
all about your chart...
K   Alright
L   ...and then if you have questions or things that you want to ask me, write it down and then we can go over it.
K   Okay.
L   So, you just had your palm read? I want to look at your palms.
K   Well, actually it was the crystal ball.
L   Oh, fun! Did she you use a little red candle?
K   No. I just put my hands on the globe.
L   Oh cool!
K   But I think I’ve seen too many movies. I thought there would be smoke and clouds going on in the ball, but it was just clear.
L   Yeah, they just read imagery. Okay, go like this.
K   Okay, like on the surface?
L   Mm hmm, Mm hmm. Weird okay, flip. Are you right or left-handed?
K   I’m right handed.
L   Let’s see the other one. Wow, Oh my. You have a double headline.
K   Which means...?
L   Well...Did you just recently have some health stuff? Did you go through some health stuff or some period of depression or something...?
K   No, no health stuff. Depression, I, ha ha, I think I’m always kinda just, I’m never like, I’m pretty imbalanced person, but I wouldn’t say I’m depressed.
L   Depressed, okay.
K   I wouldn’t say that I am, but who knows? I think I’m always just kinda searching for something so, especially with Eastern belief if there’s a pursuit for happiness there’s also a pursuit for suffering, so I guess there’s good balance. So, I think I'm okay. You’re looking at me like...
L   Well, I’ll tell you why. In your youth you know, you have some descending branches in your late teens. There’s a lot of sorrow. And then you have some ascending branches, which is accomplishment, which is coming up. And the headline goes down. You have an artist’s palm, but you also have a very masterful technician’s type of hand. Which means the kinda creative work you do is technical. It’s almost like a graphic designer or an architect or something that involves creativity and enterprising, but is precise. Has precision. And the headline goes down, which means, yes, you’re technical, and yes you’re artistic, and then it bumps way up. You’re gonna get driven into an ambitious phase and I want to tell you about your chart because...umm...just go with me and here’s your pen and if you have something that you’re like what...?
K   Right.
L   I’m just going to say what I see. I’m going at the birth time of 11:30 in the morning, right?
K   Right
L   Okay. October 20, 1981?
K   Right
L   You have a really powerful chart. And seeing you, you seem so mellow. And the weird thing is, there’s a lot of dichotomy in the chart. Your identity throughout your whole is that of a seeker, it is a person who is like a psychic sponge. You absorb the environment, you have a lot empathy, you have a lot of sympathy and compassion. You pick things up about people much more than noticing your environment. Even though you’re a Libra with one, two, three four, you have five planets in Libra. You are a total quintessential Libra. Beauty, aesthetics, harmony.
L   Do you smoke?
K   Umm, I quit.
L   How long ago did you quit?
K   Last night!
L   Aww, honey! Okay, I’m not gunna smoke.









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Kenneth Kegley: Transcripts Part One

Kenneth Kegley