Run Toto Run is a British indie band currently touring the U.K.

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Epilogue: Can you give us a quick rundown of the history of the band?
Rachael Kichenside: We've been together as a four piece since November 2008. Our alter egos all met online, admired each others projects, met in the real world as the Manchester music scene is very small and over a period of time it started to all fit together and Cazz was the last member to join at the end of last year. Then it finally seemed to fall into place.

You met online? How did that happen?
Well it was a couple of years back when Myspace was a more sociable thing and I think we were just all seeing the Manchester competition and getting chatty with the people we admired, so friendship and mutual admiration naturally led to collaboration.

"Run Toto Run" is a great name, are you big Wizard of Oz fans?
Yes, it's a wonderful film and we wanted something a bit whimsical and magical, but also a bit tongue in cheek at the same time. It's also been a great name for us as it registers with people even if they can't work out what it relates to.

How has the response been to the EP, Plastic Gold been?
Way better than we could ever have hoped for really, it's been totally independent, we've no one in our corner and we're doing everything ourselves and coming from total obscurity. Yet it's been playlisted on one of the major UK stations XFM, been on Radio 1 and also featured in our national press. It's all so exciting for us.

What is the hardest part about doing this all independent? Do you ever wish there was someone else there setting things up for you, or is it nice to control your own destiny?
The hardest thing at the moment is keeping up with the ridiculous amount of emails about that Passion Pit cover. I think it's nice to keep hold of it for now, simply because we've had too many friends snapped up in big record deals and get shelved and then that's you over really and I can't imagine anything worse than not being able to do the thing you love as someone else owns your ass.  It would be nice to have a few pennies to get stuff done, but I think it's breeding a certain resourcefulness within Team RTR and we're honing our beg, borrow and blagging skills.

When does the full length come out? What should we expect to hear?
We're planning on putting out another EP later in the year as we don't want to leave it too long until the next release. We've pretty much got another five tracks ready to go and we're keen for people to see where we're headed with it.

You generated a lot of buzz with your cover of Passion Pit's, "Sleepyhead." Do you think having a successful cover makes it easier for fans who have not heard your music before, to get acquainted with you?
Absolutely, we love that track and it's been so great that other people who really love it have appreciated our version too. It would be so easy to upset people by ruining a track they love, but instead we've had so many people globally (including the label who first put it out), emailing us to say they love it, and a lot of them have said they've listened to us as a result and now love us too. So a silly way to pass a bank holiday Monday and something we weren't going to put online even, ended up getting played on Radio 1 and at number one on the global music blog chart Hype Machine. It was so lovely how it happened so organically and surprisingly.

You’re touring England currently, is there a chance we see you State side anytime soon?
We would 100% love to, we've got some work to do over here first I think, but we'll be jumping at the very first offer.

What is the band looking to accomplish in 2009?
Put out another single Catch My Breath in September and hopefully make a video to go with it, record the next EP and just play and play as much as possible and come up with some exciting new visual elements to the live show.

Can you describe what this exciting new visual element is? Or is it, as The Wizard of Oz would have it, “behind the curtain” for now?
Well I don't want to go into too much detail, as it'll ruin it. But we like to dress up in bright colors, have fun with make up and generally make a bit of a spectacle all in the name of having fun on stage. It's kind of budget stagecraft really, we'd have pyrotechnics if we could, but for now we're contenting ourselves with the kind of stuff you find in a party shop and I'm making some interesting costume items. I'm currently trying to craft a contemporary slant on an Elizabethan ruff, it's going to look ridiculous and it's proving a nightmare of engineering. We recently had a string section on stage with us for Manchester International Festival and we had them setting off party poppers and streamers on the beat. I struggle to sing sometimes as I end up laughing too much.

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