Things have been tough for the world as of late. Socially and economically speaking, so when a miraculous event takes place it is inspiring. Miracle on the Hudson is about the death-defining emergency landing of Flight 1549. After two Canadian geese were sucked into the planes engines at the same time, the plane was forced to land in New York’s Hudson River. Everyone survived thanks to the pilot Captain Sully Sullenburger. Unfortunately sometimes good fortune does not prevail. When a devastating action occurs it seems to be human nature to want to witness it. See What is Left is an illustration about that peculiar habit. Move along, nothing to see here. I’m proud to be a geek. Unlike “nerd” which usually carries a negative tone, the word “geek” often carries a positive connotation when used by one of the group. Geek is a piece that illustrates the enjoyment that comes from being passionate about your job. The scientists have affectionately developed a machine that is fueled by clean renewable sources of energy. Serving as another source of energy, I think countless artists would acknowledge the music of Bob Dylan as a significant source of inspiration. I won’t begin to dissect why Bob Dylan’s words stick in my brain for days and days. His music finds a home within me. The Haunting of Bob Dylan is my ghostly tribute to the man as an aging legend. Dylan on vinyl…nothing pleases me more. Speaking of vinyl, when APW Gallery in New York City invited me to be apart of their “Art on Record” group show, I jumped on the chance. Three records all with a recurring theme: randomness and a blending of mediums to engage the viewer. On the surface it’s about bold colors and the application of combining various types of paint, pencil, pen and ink, paper, and basswood. Underneath that, is about a personal connection that the viewer can connect with while attaching his or her own interpretations. Rather than having each record's literal meaning revealed.

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Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence