Special installment of Stuff We Liked. Detailing what our Epilogue contributors liked about 2009.

Ilirjana Alushaj, Apache Beat, The Pop Manifesto


Paramore “Brick By Boring Brick”

Whatever. I like this song. I am reverting back to being 15. Whatever.


I've not worn really jeans to any extent til 2009. I have five pairs now. I feel overwhelmed. I think I will go back to dresses (for future reference everyone). The band Denim is also cool.

Cass McCombs “Dreams Come True Girl”

This song is from an album that should have been bigger. Oh well. A positive love song, which unlike things I normally like or write myself, makes hope run deep. "All the troubles in my past, that's just what they are." Truth.

30 Rock and Mad Men

I support these shows with my viewing them on the interweb.

Girls “Hellhole Ratrace”

Want to read my diary? I think Girls stole it. Kinda hurts... word for word.

Video Chat

I love it. I am ahead in some things. Behind in others. This is a "behind" aspect. Want to video chat *insert your name here* in 2010? Sure thang.

Hydration Vessel

Dean Bein (True Panther) gave me a pink hydration vessel because I am a girl (and he had a million). It is awesome and I brought it everywhere like the very cool person I am. However I think the terrible water in LA last week broke it. I am equally broken hearted.

The XX “Shelter”

Why are 20 year olds wanting me to cry? They hate me but I still love them. Somehow in a conversation today with Romy Croft, I lost my mind. She convinced me to do a youtube cover of one of their songs. I think I need to learn to lose my mind less. NB: 2010.

Gerlan Jeans

This girl is crazy and is making crazy clothes (not only jeans) so I can wear them and look... well crazy. I love dem crazy bitches.


I feel in love with a Garageband this year. It was an awesome chance meeting and we developed into making beautiful demos together. I think our relationship will last through 2010 and beyond. 4LYFE.

Elizabeth Harper, Class Actress

Girls  “Lust for Life”

A warm, honest hug from the friend you wish you had who would admit they were as fucked up as you.

Mariah Carey “Obsessed”

Nobody does it like Mariah, she just makes hooky, bitchy, diva pop hits.

Cass McCombs “You Saved My Life”

Epic love song.  Seeing him play this live at the Bowery Ballroom was beautiful.  I have a crush on him.

Patrick Cleandenim “Telephone Song” 

I listened to this song for a month straight.  Maybe because I had a crush on him maybe not.

Chairlift “Evident Utensil” Video

I was tied up limb for limb to a tree in the woods, whipped by Victor (Boy Crisis/Das Racist) then baptized in a river.

Bat for Lashes “Daniel” on David Letterman.

Das Racist “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”

Kinda genius.

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” Video

Robert Pattinson

Brooklyn/Girl Crisis (that's a tie)

Let the Right One In

Still and romantic.

Best Bedding

Sheets at the Bowery Hotel

Best moment of technological nostalgia
Stopped in a phone booth in the rain to kiss, the phones off the hook and you realize its been years since you heard a dial tone.

Most retro night of 09
Making plans in advance to meet a the Blockbuster then having drinks at the Pink Pony.

Alex Goldberg, Sunset Television, Weird Days

Top Ten Gifs I made in 2009 That People Should Have Cared About And No One Cared About

Azita Rasoli, photographer, Epilogue contributor


Best Thing to Happen to 2009

Victor Vasquez, Das Racist, Epilogue contributor

Top 10 Songs of 2009

1. DJ Nate Da Trak Genious: I'm a Dog

2. Mario (ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett): Break Up

3. Animal Collective: My Girls

4. The Dream: Rockin' That Shit (Rockin' That Thang)

5. Safe: 20 Years On

6. Gordon Voidwell: Cloud 9 Vertigo

7. Black Point: WataGataPitusBerry

8. Ron Browz: 20 Dollars

9. Excepter: Burgers

10. Bin Laden Blowin' Up: Chi Don't Dance

Adalaide Johnson, Epilogue contributor

Best New Sounds from Africa (in no particular order)

1. Oh No "Dr. No's Ethiopium"

2. Amadou & Mariam "Welcome to Mali"

3. BLK JKS- "After  Robots"

4. The Very Best " Warm Heart of Africa"

5. Tinariwen "Imidiwan: Companions"

6. K'Naan "Troubadour"

7. Staff Benda Bilili "Tres Tres Fort"

8.Vieux Farka Toure-"Fondo"

9.Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara-"Tell No Lies"

10.Oumou Sangare-"Seya"

Himanshu Suri, Das Racist, Gordon Gartrelle

Top 5 Women I Want to Arrange My Marriage With

(Click names for photos)

5. Claudia Basol - It came down to either actress Archie Panjabi or Claudia Basol and I went with Claudia solely because I feel like I know her better. Claudia, along with Gwyneth Paltrow, stars on PBS' reality show On the Road: Spain which follows the actresses and some well-known chefs across Spain as they eat HELL OF good looking food. She's fly. She's funny. She seems down to earth. And, lastly, shawty is a tennn.

4. Aubrey Plaza - Where to begin with Aubrey Plaza? She's half Puerto-Rican? Nah. She's from Delaware! Meh. Aubrey Plaza is a member of the other best ensemble cast on a situational comedy on TV: Parks and Recreation. Initially, when I first posted on her over at Gordon Gartrelle, I mentioned not liking the show but it's grown leaps and bounds since the first season and part of the reason is more airtime for Aubrey Plaza. She awn care about nobody and nothing! She just awn care. It's great. I want to move to Alaska with her and just stay smirking at EVERYTHING. I've always been a sucker for a solid SMIRK. Oh she was aight in Funny People too I guess. Ahh, @evilhag:

3. Fatima Bhutto - Oh man. Here's an excerpt on Fatima Bhutto that I wrote back in the day on Gordon Gartrelle:

"2 or 3 weeks ago (my Pakistani friend) Ali mentioned that I should want my parents to try to arrange a marriage between myself and Fatima Bhutto. Bhutto? "No way bro," I thought to myself. There's no way my parents would approve of a holy union between myself and a Muslim, let alone put their necks on the line to set up a marriage. I decided to let it rest. But I couldn't. I thought to myself, this estranged niece of the recently-mercked Benazir Bhutto is worth the fight. She's a poet and a writer, and I love words - that's no coincidence people. Then I found out she got her undergrad degree from Columbia, in the city of my birth and upbringing! And she got her Masters in South Asian Government and Politics, from the School of Oriental and African Studies, my alma mater of a semester! I watched the movie Bombay. I rewatched the movie Bombay. I decided it was worth the fight. Tonight I'll approach my parents in hopes of having them set this union up." Fatima was linked to George Clooney earlier this year so I guess she's out of my league.

2. Alison Brie - Just today I bumped Aubrey Plaza for Alison Brie on this strange, weird list I've been mentally noting [and compiling on my blog - gordongartrelle.blogspot.com] in a section with the same name) that none of these women will ever see. Alison Brie is on both Mad Men and Community, which has become my favorite new situational comedy on TV. Community has both the best ensemble cast on tv right now and the best writing. I've never seen Mad Men (I know) but people love it. Oh, I also love that her character on Community was kicked out of high school for freaking out on adderall because it makes her feel like she coule easily be any of my REAL LIFE friends. Peep Alison:

And this "video portrait" of her that's currently my G Chat status. I'm not complaining, but what the fuck is this even?

1. Emanuela De Paula - This is the embodiment of FLY. Damn. Whereas I may be more attracted to others on the list for things they've done, said, or who they are beyond how they look, honestly, I awn know anything about this girl and just found out about her today on Complex magazines list of 25 attractive women but I awn need to know anything about her.

Here's another one. Why not?:

Honourable Mentions:

Actress Archie Panjabi

Model Lakshmi Menon, because Padma Lakshmi is playyeddd outttt

Rashida Jones

Maya Rudolph

If I have offended any women with my list, I apologize. I am just a man, asking the world to love him.

Ethan Silverman and Molly Hawkins, SilverHawkINTL, Terrible Records

Ethan and Molly have a management company together, called SilverHawkINTL. We love to see shows together, and are often on tour together.

The best shows we saw in 2009 (together):

1. The Killers, St Louis, Missouri, The Fox Theater, May 4

Chairlift was going on tour with The Killers. It was a pretty big deal for us to see Chairlift play for so many people, and not just people, but Killers fans! Let's just say "they 'killed' it".

2. Loggins & Messina, Atlantic City, The Borgata, September 19

We went to see Molly's dad (who was on tour with L&M as the bassist) and we stayed for the sick solos and sweet acoustic renditions of the L&M classics!

3. Yura Yura Teikoku, Music Hall of Williamsburg, September 18

Brain melting Japanese band that melted our brains.  Pretty bad ass of DFA to license a Japanese stoner metal band off Sony Japan. Pretty bad ass indeed...

4. Animal Collective, Bowery Ballroom, January 21

Animal Collective's lights and PA really overwhelmed the space in a way that made one feel as though one was taking a journey into the music on a craft of strobes and primary colors. But, maybe that's the mushrooms talking. (Bowery Ballroom is a venue the same size as when we first saw them, with about 30 other people, in Carrboro, North Carolina in 2004.)

5. Chairlift/Bon Iver/MGMT, Bonaroo, Manchester, Tennessee, June 11-14

Bonnaroo is just excellent. These three bands' live shows all surpassed their recorded selves by miles and miles. (Ethan says Bon Iver made him "lose his cookies".)

6. YACHT, St. Louis, Washington University, March 16

There were about 10 people there, but they were all God Damned lunatic-freshmen. We had a cake-fight dance-off for Molly's birthday and the hysteria even engulfed the campus security guards; a generally un-engulf-able lot.

7. Grizzly Bear with the Philharmonic, Brooklyn Academy of Music, February 28

Well, what the hell do you expect?

8. Crystal Antlers/Dinosaur Jr, Troubador, Los Angeles, June 23

Henry Rollins was there. Sick. 14 Guitar Amps; 1 Guitar. Sick.

9. Bear In Heaven, Sound Fix Records, Brooklyn, December 3

They're just really really good. Best in-store of the year (that we saw together, because Molly says The xx at Criminal in Atlanta also killed.)

10. Phoenix, Hammerstein Ballroom, December 2

Phoenix was nominated for a Grammy that night, and Thomas said he didn't know exactly what it meant, but it must be important because "someone was crying". GENIUS.

Ekhi Lopetegi, Delorean

Favorite things from 2009:

Getting an iphone. 


Going to Ethiopia play a show in a club and in a music school. Also going to the Wentsi crater an hour away from Addis Abeba.

Listening to John Maus and getting both albums on vinyl. 

Dominant Legs 

Watching Extraperlo live

Watching Tanlines live

Watching Lemonade live

Hanging out in NY. 

Working on a full length album and spending a month and a half in Subiza recording it. Playing pin pong, the pool and the barbecues.

Making tons of music and learning a little bit of how to do it. 

John Talabot

Making more music.


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