On Tuesday afternoon I’ll be traveling to Austin, TX for my first South by Southwest music conference, a festival I’ll be covering for Epilogue along with photographer Alex Sabillon and a handful of other contributors. So, in honor of indie rock’s answer to SPRING BREAK, I’ve stitched together a little preview of what to expect from Epilogue and EpiBLOG’s coverage. Besides self-indulgent Tweeting, that is. Expect a lot of that.

Fader Fort As always, Fader stacked their Fader Fort series with only the latest and greatest buzz bands, including Epilogue-featured acts like the Morning Benders, Local Natives, Best Coast, Tanlines, Lemonade, and Washed Out. So yeah, we’re probably going to check this out.  Despite the ridiculous rumors that often pervade the Fort’s scheduled lineup (this year it was Kanye West), I won’t hold their solid yet unsurprising lineup against them. Unless the special guest is Wavves.

Other Must-Hit Party Joints ‘Sup Magazine day party, Time Out New York showcase (Javelin, Das Racist, Andrew WK), IAMSOUND, Pitchfork, and True Panther showcase.

A Working Theory on a Thrifty Stay in Texas Outside of my plane ticket, I have little planned expenditure. I’m staying with a college friend who lives in Austin (big ups, Chase). SXSW provides a litany of free fuel opportunities in the form of open bars and advertised baked goods and BBQ. My working theory is that you can spend almost nothing at the festival as long as you’re  willing to imbibe during off-peak times. So, a free bar from 1-2 pm (hardly optimal looking through a purely social lens) must be utilized, as well as the cupcakes put out by a day party around four pm. As long as you’re comfortable finding sustenance during weird times, and thus fully in control of your brain’s operant conditioning, I think you can get by. Or, at least this is my working theory. Field studies must still be conducted.

Hole and Stone Temple Pilots are playing (insert ‘90s joke)

Using an IPhone exclusively as a navigation tool (insert ‘00s joke)

Driving a Car After a Six-Month Hiatus (shaking my head)

MtyMx Though I have no physical proof of my excursion to Monterrey for Todd P’s MtyMx, it’s a compelling plotline to watch for in my coverage. While this is my first SXSW, I feel like MtyMx has too much potential to be simply discounted on a count of a seven-hour bus ride. When I told him about MtyMx, my friend Bryan outlined its possible potency pretty nicely—“An indie rock festival on a mountainside drive-in theater where they hold raves? That sounds like something that would happen in “XXX.” Why would you ever deliberately miss something like that?

Campaign for a Final Placement Showcase They’re from Texas!

Hopeless Girl Situation So yeah, there will be girls at this thing. My new idea is to increase the chances of “meeting cute”by doing something ridiculously quirky (Noah Baumbach, please return my calls) at all times in Austin. How about knitting? You never see dudes knitting. Seems like that could lead to something. Hey, I’ve had crazier ideas. But I guess those didn’t work either. May the trials of Corban ensue!

Instax/Flip Visual Stimulation Yeah, I’m bringing my guerilla journalism tools. And loaning them out. Das Racist will probably break both items. But you just can’t stay mad at them!

SXSW Documentary But for some reason the soundtrack should be 100% yacht rock.

So there you have it. The blog’s gonna be a big part of the coverage, so make sure to check in over there. Other than that, wish me luck (or rather, wish my flight itinerary luck) and stay tuned for our coverage of SXSW!


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