Weird Days is a group of filmmakers from Brooklyn, NY consisting of Alex Goldberg, Ben Schechter, and Drew Blatman.

Drew: We’re sitting poolside right now.

That’s pretty fancy.
Ben: You wouldn’t say that if you saw where we are right now.

Where are you?
Ben: We’re in Andover, Massachusetts at the Springville Suites. The jacuzzi's broken.

I saw part of the Delorean video. Where did that idea come from?
Drew: Delorean came to us with a lot of Super 8 footage. Looked really good.
Ben: Our idea was to have them hang-gliding. And they found some super 8 footage of people hang-gliding. I wish it was the band themselves hang gliding though, that would've made its way into the video.
Alex: We’ll be done with it in the next week. We love Delorean. They’re good dudes.

How much of the idea for a video comes from the song?
Ben: Whatever we’re obsessed with usually finds its way into the video.
Drew: Whatever we’re joking about.
Ben: The next video is going to be completely about chinese food.
 Alex: Basically just any experience in a Chinese restaurant. Crab Rangoon will show up in a video at some point. No one has ever eaten Crab Rangoon. You ever had Crab Rangoon?

Yep. It’s actually claimed to have been invented in Kansas City, where I grew up. Could you tell me a little more about the Acrylics video you guys just did?
Ben: We did the video with our really good friend Brendan Harman. I’m really happy with the way that came out
Alex; I think all of us are. It’s a pretty little thing. 

What’s the ideal Weird Days project? Do you want to do a Weird Days movie? Or a rap video?
Ben: We all want to make a road movie. Its gonna happen. Have you heard about the Todd P show in Mexico?
Drew: We're gonna take a road trip, film the show and the whole experience of getting down there with our friends.
Alex: And yeah we'd like to do a rap video.
Drew: Could you get us a Gucci video, Corban?

Definitely. I know someone who’s trying to interview Gucci Mane in jail and they’re still clearing it. A weapons charge.
Alex: I hate cops. Everyone does right? I was in a bodega last week with Ben and there was a cop there. Without even thinking about it, Ben spit on the cop’s shoes. 
Drew: That was a long night.
Alex: Do you have a cop relative?
Nope. But I like how you asked that after.
Alex: I think Brendan Harman’s parents are in the CIA. That’s on the record. We’d also love to do a video with Billy Joel, no joke.
Ben: I met Billy Joel recently but I didn’t know who he was. I'm bad with faces. I sat a few people down from him at a hypnosis session in boston and I thought he was a construction worker. He said he lived in New York, and I was like, cool me too. I had no idea it was him.
Alex: How did his nose look?
Ben: It looked great.

What would you do in a Billy Joel video?
Ben: Billy Joel standing on top of the Statue of Liberty. Retaking his rightful thrown as the king of NY.

Would you do a Mariah/Nick Cannon video?
Alex; Yeah, we definitely would. No questions asked.

What’s the most random revival? We talked about Mariah Carey kind of having a resurgance in popularity.

Alex: James Brown's "Living in America." But I’m just thinking about what I like to sing in karaoke.

Ben: I like “Red Red Wine" as a karaoke song.

Do you see yourselves continuing to do the music videos?
Ben: Yeah, the goal is just to keep trying different things. I think all of us are also interested in making a feature at some point, but right now we’re just doing what we want to do.

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Weird Days Interview

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